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Holy crap, this is cool. 

I should get this tattooed on my back. <3

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Artist: Adriana Figueroa

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…did this seriously just happen? Yes, yes it did. Sorry for further contributing to my massive Korra spam with my voice… But these parody lyrics by thecatbureau and legendofkorraholyshit’s image that inspired them were JUST TOO GOOD. Best song ever combined with my current obsession? I had to do it. No regrets. Enjoy, I guess.

Let’s get down to business to defeat Amon!

Water, Earth and Fire, but there’s still just one!
He’s the biggest douche I’ve ever met, and you can bet that by Book Two…

Amon, I’ll bend the hell out of you

Fiery as Azula and as tough as Toph,

Swift just like Katara, but as Aang, I’m off

I can’t meditate or be the leaf, but with three, it just won’t do

Somehow, I’ll bend the hell out of you!

I’m never gonna calm herself!

Gotta stay with Tenzin’s teachings -
But screw the rules! Pro-bending is my jam!

This guy’s got me scared to death -
Hope he doesn’t take my bending!

Now I really wish the Equalists would scram!

I must be as light as a flying lemur,

I must be calmer than most by far!

Must keep my temper and fear no other,

And soon I will be the next great Avatar!

Time is racing toward us, ‘til Amon comes forth!

Take to heart my training, and I’ll brave the storm!

He will never have his way with us! Benders, you know what to do,

Amon, we’ll bend the hell out of you!

I must be as light as a flying lemur,
I must be calmer than most by far!

Must keep my temper and fear no other,

And soon I will be the next great Avatar!

I must be as light as a flying lemur,

I must be calmer than most by far!

Must keep my temper and fear no other,

And soon I will be the next great Avatar!

(I kinda tweaked the parody lyrics to better fit my solo recording! It’s not by much, but you should go check out the original post cause it’s hilarious. ♥)


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An interior shot of the Pro-Bending Arena showing the detail of the glass-domed ceiling.


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Explore the bustlin’ metropolis that Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko built in this interactive tour of Republic City here


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A rear view of the Pro-Bending Arena (and Korra’s view of it from Air Temple Island) at night.  


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An early sketch and mask design for Amon - the mysterious figure who is leading the anti-bending revolution.


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Sorry but after THIS being the ending, how could I possibly not want to ship these two.
He’s so serious and she’s going to bring out the best in him and lighten him up a bit. Maybe he’ll share some tough story with her and he’ll do the same in return and serious her out a bit sometimes. Bolin and Korra will have a flirty funny relationship and Mako will be a bit jealous maybe that he can’t have a light relationship with people like his brother can. but so cliche…I’M JUST RAMBLING NOW. My imagination gets away from me sometimes. 


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Oh yeah

pff korra your face

this is k



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The second on-air trailer for The Legend of Korra.

Released via the Wall Street Journal.


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Early design work for Toza, a former Pro-Bender who gave Mako & Bolin a place to stay when they started competing.


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A collection of character sketches from a production meeting - including Korra and a shot of her father.


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Development art of the Avatar Aang statue by co-executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos. The statue was a gift from the Fire Nation to stand as a symbol of peace and goodwill.  


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I have to find my own path as the avatar..

can’t wait!

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